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About Us

évoilà5 is a unique concept that provides five balanced ready to cook nutritionist approved meals per week. No more long grocery lists, no more digging for recipes and no more lack of ideas… évoilà5 takes care of everything! Thanks to our ingenious meal bags, cooking dinner has never been easier or more fun. Spend more time with your family and start enjoying fresh meals made daily!

évoilà5 : Your secret ingredient for spending more quality time with your loved ones


évoilà5 plans all your meals for the week and you prepare them at home. The concept is simple: 5 meal bags for 2 to 3 portions or 4 to 5 portions containing all the fresh ingredients you need and a detailed recipe. All you have to do is put everything together and… voilà! No planning and no waste: enjoy eating healthy food without the stress.

e5_num_1 Order your meals and add fresh fruit if you are so inclined;
e5_num_2 Pick up your meal bags at our boutiques;
e5_num_3 Cook a quality meal at home in about 30 minutes.


See you in one of our welcoming évoilà5 boutiques

  • Boucherville
  • Brossard
  • Laval
  • Pointe-Claire
  • Rosemère
  • Saint-Jérôme
  • Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
  • Sherbrooke
  • Terrebonne
  • Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • Ville St-Laurent
Our founders

Originally from Greece, a country with one of the healthiest diets on earth, Yiannis Ntaginis was introduced to healthy eating from a very early age. His father was a renowned chef who introduced his son to many new and delicious ingredients. His mother is an accomplished cook who prepared healthy meals for him on a daily basis. This was the fertile ground that helped Yiannis to develop his passion for healthy home cooked meals. Having worked in the food, customer and home services sectors, Yiannis Ntaginis is an accomplished business man with a solid international background in opening businesses and franchises. He and his wife, Olympian Josée Corbeil, were frustrated by the lack of time they had for planning and cooking healthy meals for their two daughters. Wanting to spend more time with their daughters, but without neglecting the quality of their food, Yiannis and Josée developed évoilà5, a new concept for ready to cook healthy meals.

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Our family is growing!
Évoilà5 Prêt à cuisiner Franchisés
Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 Rosemère
Johanne and Kim Clermont-Tremblay
Mother and daughter

We are very happy to announce that the évoilà5 concept is coming to the North Shore! Our family has been working in the food industry for over 35 years and we believe that healthy and nutritious eating is essential! We are ecstatic about being part of the évoilà5 team.

When I was raising my children, processed food was never an option. I understand the difficulty of feeding your family nutritious food because of the pace of modern life. With évoilà5, you can feed your family healthy food and still save time.
I fell in love with the évoilà5 concept from my first week as a client. My mother believed in healthy living and she shared it with me. Healthy food is important and I want to instil the same values in my sons. With the pace of modern life, évoilà5 has revolutionized the way I plan my meals and it has allowed me to spend more time with my family.
Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 St-Jérôme
Claude Lévesque

My intention is to share this mission to simplify the routine of suppers, eat healthy meals easy to prepare, eliminate the puzzle of the famous question:

What do we eat ???

Seeing the positive impact that évoilà5 brings and its benefits on our family, I wanted to bring this service to the people of the great Laurentian region. A simple and affordable alternative to simplify your evening meals! It’s your turn to discover évoilà5 concept and simplify your Life!

Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 Terrebonne
Kim Clermont Tremblay and Igor Carvalho

Our wonderful adventure continues, after Rosemère we are happy to bring this concept to the people from Lanaudière.

Loyal customers since the beginning of évoilà5 in 2014, we are passionnante about this concept which continues to simplify our lives everyday.

Boutique évoilà5 Sherbrooke
Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 Sherbrooke
André Dufour et Charlynn Bourgoin

Having healthy, balanced, and simple to prepare meals is what attracted us from the start to évoilà5. Throughout the years the diversity of the menus, and the outstanding quality of the ingredients fulfilled our weekly needs.

We are truly honoured to have the opportunity to bring this wonderful concept to the beautiful Eastern Township.

boutique évoilà5 Laval Charles Gagnon, Matteau, Normand Gagnon
Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 Laval
Charles Gagnon, Nancy Matteau, Normand Gagnon

Delicious recipes, fresh foods, very generous portions, more than affordable prices, shop for 5 meals in less than 5 minutes…évoilà5, five good reasons why évoilà5 is part of our daily routine at mealtimes.

Satisfied customers since 2015, we’re very happy to offer this wonderful concept to the people of the Laval region.

Franchise Partner: Boutique évoilà5 Boucherville
Éric Juteau

évoilà5’s simple and delicious concept has allowed me to learn how to eat well and become a good cook.  With a varied and simple menu, all the family members can participate.

Already a client for the last year, I am delighted to now offer this service to the people of the area of Boucherville.

Our health professionals
Nadine Brière, Nutritionist

Nadine Brière is a nutritionist and dietician who graduated from the University of Montreal and is a member of the OPDQ (Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec).

She has practiced in the region of Vaudreuil-Soulanges for over 15 years.Her goal: helping people of all ages in their steps toward better health by integrating healthy eating habits and lifestyle.It is teamwork with the client and the nutritionist working together to fix realistic goals while respecting each of their priorities. All of this while rediscovering the pleasure of cooking and eating!

Nadine also gives stimulating, dynamic and personalized conferences.

You can reach her by communicating with her directly through the information below or by contacting évoilà5.

Nadine Brière, Nutr., Dt.P / (450) 455-4962

Annick Moffatt, Naturopathic Doctor
This is a great concept for people who want to learn to cook and share healthy, delicious and balanced meals with their families. Annick Moffatt, N.D.

People with dietary restrictions can contact évoilà5 to reach Ms. Moffat and to target their needs.

Ms. Annick Moffatt holds a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University (Seattle, Washington, 2010). She worked in the United States for several years before returning home to open her own private clinic in Pointe-Claire in August of 2011.Ms. Moffat helps her clients to target the source of their health problems and to eliminate the stumbling blocks to achieving optimal health.

She believes in the body’s own capacity for self-healing through a balanced lifestyle, proper nutrition and active prevention.

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We make life easier
5 balanced ready to cook meals

évoilà5′s mission is to maximize the planning and preparation of meal times and encourage healthy eating habits through our one of a kind ready to cook meals that allow busy families and professionals to make delicious and balanced meals using fresh and local ingredients.

Our goal is to simplify lives and give people more time by providing them with excellent ready to cook meals. Our service allows our customers to spend more time with their families and rediscover the pleasure of cooking and eating healthy food.

Josée Corbeil, co-founder of évoilà5

Our mission is simple: making meal preparation a simple and fun activity so that people can enjoy delicious and balanced meals that are made at home on a daily basis.

Yiannis Ntaginis, co-founder of évoilà5